Preassembled Remote Solar Power Systems
These preassembled enclosure systems are ideal for many application such as remote telemetry
stations, backup power, oilfield services, remote lighting, safety systems, and remote lighting. Some
of these enclosures include enough room for 1 or 2 batteries, while the battery bank can be separate
on others.
All of these systems can be customized to your specific requirements. Please call us with your
specific needs and we will prepare a free load analysis and a quote for the exact system to meet your
Main System
System comes preassembled and prewired including a weatherproof, vented 18”x16”x10” heavy duty
fiberglass Stahlin enclosure with Solarguard, providing unsurpassed patented double-protection
from UV damage. Hinged door with gasket and closure buckles with holes for small padlock. And, a
10 year warranty! Two weather-resistant wire strain reliefs allow wire entries for PV module, ground
and load wiring.

Morningstar Prostar-15 charge controller allows for DC loads up to 15 amps (lighting, water pump,
inverter, etc.) at 12 volts DC. Charge controller will automatically disconnect the load if battery voltage
drops too low, protecting the battery from over-discharge. Also, the system is fully protected from
static electricity and power surges with DC breakers, provided the system is grounded to an earth
ground with the included grounding wire. The DC breakers also allow disconnecting of the battery
and load independently and eliminates the need to replace fuses.

Enclosure is ready for pole mounting and includes pipe clamps (let us know what size of pipe
clamps you will need.)  Enclosure must be mounted vertically to prevent moisture from entering
enclosure and damaging electronics.   Contact us if you require a horizontally mountable or ground
mount enclosure.

System includes 25 ft. of #8 AWG bare copper ground wire for grounding equipment, 20 ft. of #10
AWG UV protected 2-conductor wire, and 25 ft. of #10 UV protected PV wire.

Includes MK Battery, 79 amphour AGM maintenance-free sealed battery.

PV Module
Includes (1)
SP85W - 12 Volt 85 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel with a 25 year power
output warranty and (1) IronRidge pole mount.

Daily Load Capacity
12 amphours/day - 12 VDC
Assumptions: up to 2 cloudy days/week, 4.5 days average annual sun, avg. winter temp. 50 degrees

Free email and phone technical support during office hours.

System is also available in 6, 10, 20, and 30 amp charge controller.  Call us for a free load analysis
and a custom system quote.

1 year warranty on system. Manufacturers warranties on individual components also apply.
10 year manufacturer product warranty on enclosure

Please contact us if you have any questions, or if there is no shipping weight noted for a shipping
cost quote. Prices online subject to change without notice due to supplier price increases. We will
contact you if current price is more than the online price prior to processing the order.
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